Monday, October 5, 2015

Nigeria Journal: Part 9, Monday evening, Nov. 4, 2013 Prayers, Preaching and Prophecy

The worship chorus at Rescue Mission Church

Silvia (such a pretty voice and beautiful spirit!)  

Back at the church there was music, exhortation and Brett preached about the power of the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of prophecy.  He only went on for 30 minutes because IG said he had to have his flock on the road no later than 9:00 so as to avoid street bandits.  Sheesh!

Pastor Ignatius warming up the crowd

Brett wows the crowd


Penny in a sea of faces, all intent on the Word of God
After Brett was done preaching we (the team) lined up and Brother Moses poured oil into our palms.  The entire congregation filed past us, one by one, we laid hands o the them, anointing them and prophesying over each one. I’ve had this done to me, not with the oil though, but I’ve never prophesied  over individuals before.  I was tentative at first but every soon I became bolder and the Spirit quickened in me and I felt such love for each person I spoke over!  About 1/2 through the line I started asking each person their name.  I felt that was really important.  IT WAS AWESOME!  Men, women, women with babies in their arms and at the very end, all the children!  I’m sorry to say that we were not done by 9:00.  I think it was closer to 10:30, but we heard no reports of robbery or violence so all was good.

Susan, prophesying over the congregation
Brett anointing the worship team

We gave a lovely girl a ride home.  She came all the way to the hotel with us.  She’s one of the girls in the worship team.  Susie thinks her name is Sea Foam, and that she might Ucey’s (one of our drivers) sister.  (I learned later that her name is Silvia.)  We talked about traditional folk songs.  She has a beautiful and simple voice and sings in the little worship chorus.  I sang her the song that Cletus Okapu taught me so many years ago.  Then Penny, Susie and I sang “Be Thou My Vision”.  I told her that tomorrow night I’d ask her to write down the words to the song she sang and that we’d talk more about folk songs.

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