Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Very Own Prophet

We have our very own prophet in our tiny church. When Anthony speaks most people pay attention. He will be 30 years old in a couple of weeks. It's not always easy to understand him, sometimes even listening really hard isn't enough.

Anthony was born with Down Syndrome. He lives in a Godly home with his mom and dad and attends church almost every week.

On any given Sunday you'll see him sitting up front and during our worship time he has a wonderful time! Almost every week there is a time of public speaking. Whether it'giving testemony about a healing, or reading from scripture and telling how that verse impacted their lives, people are free to give voice to how they feel God has blessed them. And most weeks, not all, Anthony hears God speak to him and he shares. Usually his words are in response to someone elses testemony. He will read a scripture verse that perfectly folds into what has been said. And sometimes he ever speaks openly the words that the Lord gives him personally. I likek to say he, " knocks my socks off!" the truer phrase is, "he blesses my bones!"