Friday, October 9, 2015

Breathe Deep and Trust

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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Where will I live? 
Will I have a home to live in? 
Will I live? 
Or will I die? 
Can I die if I’ve already died in Christ?
Where will they live? Will they have enough? 
Will they be safe and secure? 
Will they survive?

These are big, scary questions; especially in today's global climate.  Things are very bad in some places, for those who believe.  Will it get so bad where I live?  Is it that bad where I live now ?

What does it mean, that “he cares for me”?  Does it mean I don’t have to worry about what I will and and drink?  Does it mean I will never feel threatened by outside forces?  Does it mean that I can lay my illness down at his feet and walk away healed?

It seems there are more questions, more “I don’t knows” than there are “I do knows.”

Loved ones die of devastating illness.  People lose their home and have to live in their cars, or in an unsafe shelter.  People are randomly attacked everyday. 

How does God care?  Do you believe that Jesus is alive?  Do you believe that he dwells inside of you?  Do you believe the Holy Spirit gives you the power to overcome in any situation?  What does it mean, to overcome?

Part of it is recognizing that your body is only the tent that houses you; just as your body and your spirit houses the Lord,  once you’ve invited him in.  Part of it is believing that no matter what happens to you, who you are is safe in God.  You are eternal.  When your tent collapses you go on.

If the Lord loved you enough to die for you, to make a way into the eternal presence of the Father, if he loves you enough to live inside you no matter what you’re going through, if he loves you enough to be always faithful and trustworthy, then we can trust him in each and every situation.

We can breathe deep and trust him.  If he’s never let you down in the past, you can be assured, he’ll never let you down in the future.

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Ann K from Cairn Cottage said...

So many questions...yet the answers all lead us back to trusting in God's Word, His wisdom and truth! I love how you ended by saying "We can breathe deep and trust him." I came to the same conclusion in my recent post...titled "Take a Deep Breath"

Have a blessed day!
Ann @ Christ in the Clouds