Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saving and Stumbling (Guest Post by Robbie Schneider)

Hi everyone!

My new friend, Robbie Schneider, has written a guess post for my blog.
And I wrote one for her blog; Use Resources Wisely
a blog of wonderful tips and links for volunteers who work with youth.
If you're involved with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Awanas, Royal Rangers, or any other youth organization, this is an excellent resource.


Here are her insights on walking with Jesus...

Saving and Stumbling

Hiking with my family is always something of an adventure. We always seem to find glimpses of God's blessings in His creation along the way, but it isn't without its share of challenges. Unexpected twists and turns. Inclines. Questions of which way to go when the trail is not clearly marked. 
It's the way it is with our walk with the Lord. Sure we know the end result - if we are faithful, with God's grace we will be saved, but the twists and turns along the way are a challenge. 
But, sometimes we stumble. Sometimes more than others. Sometimes we take a wrong turn. Sometimes we just want to turn around and head back. But, more often than not, we persevere. 
I'm grateful that our saving grace is not a one-time event. I'm grateful that when we stumble, our Lord is there with open arms to catch us and comfort us. And the times we feel we cannot take another step, our Lord is there to carry us through the trial. 

Thank you Robbie!


Sylvia said...

Oh how true, I can relate,my blog post today is similar.
Our Lord is there to save us from mistakes and wrong turns
many times in our lives, we only have to trust and wait on him!

my little ✂ cottage said...

How true, i can relate too ,
praying for many things this coming advent
thanks for sharing this friend.

Blessings soraya