Sunday, March 29, 2015

What's with the gorilla??

When my husband and I were married we decided that we would not promote Santa Claus in our Christmas traditions at home.  That horrified several family members who then inundated our wee bairnies with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

As our wee ones grew I came up with a strategy to promote fun but not get bogged down in the lies that go with the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

When our son lost his first tooth we told him to expect a visit from the Tooth Gorilla.  

So, when morning came there would be a crumpled dollar bill under their pillows.
After all, gorillas don't have wallets.  They carry their cash around in their hands.

Having tackled the Tooth Gorilla, we moved on to Easter...

The Easter Gorilla comes once a year, bringing a basket of goodies and hiding the eggs we've colored and left out waiting for him.

But, remember, if your chocolate bunny is missing an ear, don't complain!  After all, hiding eggs is hungry work!  And if one or two of the eggs is cracked, that's OK.  Gorillas a clumsy.

Now, about Christmas...

This is Santa's helper.  He was bringing you a candy cane and a gift, but was momentarily distracted by the truth.

So, for a little while the Easter Gorilla will grace the top of my blog.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

God bless and have an extra exceptional Resurrection Day!


Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

SCREAMingly wOnDeRFuL!!!!!!!!!!!
xxooooOO, jOsAfEEEn!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely! amen to that...

Mascha said...

What a fantastic idea!
Have a blessed Easter time

Scrappy quilter said...

What a fun idea!

Stephanie said...

Oh Judy, what a cute and fun idea :) You are quite the talented artist, my friend. We don't promote Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny either. I would much rather share the true meaning of each holiday with my son.

Thanks for the smiles and for sharing with Roses of Inspiration.