Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I LOVE words!  I think language is the best part of being a human.  There's nothing as good as taking a new word and rolling it around the inside of my mouth and feeling how it tastes.

This weeks word:
Acnestis (Ak-nes-tis)
The root is greek; "a" (a negative prefix) and kne^stos (a word meaning scratched)

That part of an animals back that it cannot reach itself in order to scratch, usually right between it's shoulder blades.

Did you ever see a movie of a bear rubbing its back up and down a tree?
On a horse its the very base of its tail.  That's why it rubs it up against the fence post.
And that's why doorways have square corners!  So you can rub back and forth against it when there's nobody around to scratch your back for you!


Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

I think I haz a fleas.

Dianna said...

Judy, thank you for this informative bit of information! I love adding new words to my vocabulary.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog today and leaving sweet words behind for me.

May you enjoy a wonderful week!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, dear Judy, for the new word. I thought of you last night as my son and I were reading the dictionary :) I would give him a word and he would look it up and read the meaning to me.

Enjoy your day! Hugs!