Monday, August 24, 2015

Nigeria Journal: Part 7

 After we received our gifts we were entertained by lady dancers who performed several outstanding numbers for us.  They even got us up and dancing with them!
   Ignatius preached a little and then Brett preached and was well received.  After that Darlene got up and declared the prophecy of Nigeria, Queen of Africa.  We didn’t leave the church until after 2:00!  We were there for 5 hours and they just flew by!

Darlene, thanking the church for such a warm welcome
and reminding them that Nigeria is the Queen of Africa
Pastor Brett preaching to the  congregation


Next we drove to Ignatius and Lozie's’ home, met their sons and ate food prepared by Lozie and ladies of the the church.  We ate rice (a staple of almost every meal), something called bean cake, which I had a hard time eating and not gagging on, and 2 little pieces of tough chicken thigh. The helpings were huge!  Mostly carbs and very little protein, I guess that why.    Their living room and dining room were lovely and air conditioned.

The beautiful home and wonderful hospitality of
Lozie and Ignatius Umunna

   After lunch Ignatius decided to take us on a ride to the wealthier part of Lagos.  We left his apartment around 5:00, in 2 vans.  We were trying to get to a section called “The Island” but it was beginning to get dark.  Suddenly we got a phone call from U C in the other van that he’d been stopped by the police for talking on his cell phone while driving.  By the time we located them it was totally dark.  U C had to pay a bribe to not have his car impounded.  Then we drove to Mega Chicken, where we were bought dinner.  I just had a little garden salad with hard boiled egg.  It was mostly cabbage.  We sure are going through the bottled water!  I bet I drank a gallon today!

   We finally got back to the hotel around 9:00 at night.  After being in those tight dresses all day we were so sticky and hot!  So, shower and bed.  Last night we slept with the AC on and poor Penny nearly froze.  So tonight we decided to cool the room off and sleep with with AC off.

This is the banner that was on the wall at the back of the church,
with all of our "mug shots"

The Hotel Demordent, our home base while in Lagos

This is Pastor Steven
(Doesn't he look just a wee bit like Elmer Fudd?)



Nice reading about your successful crusade on my homeland.
God Bless

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