Friday, August 21, 2015

Absolutely Obtainable!


In a nut shell, this says to me; I want to be perfect, like Jesus,  And I keep on trying.  Someday I  will be!  I know that Jesus sees me as perfect, but I do not see myself as perfect.  The closer I come to the end of days, the harder I want to work at doing what the Lord has laid out for me to do.  He has plans for me that I do not feel adequate to accomplish, but they are his plans, so how can I feel as if I could fail?  

And that’s what faith is!  God wants me to attain perfection!  I believe that!  When Christ returns, or I am called to the throne room, I will be perfect in my own eyes, as I am perfect in his eyes now.  I believe that!  God has given me everything I need to lead a life that is acceptable to both him and me!  I believe that!

So, where is faith lacking in me?  The plans he has for me are mighty big and in my own strength I know I could never achieve them.  But look what he’s done for little me; He’s given me this farm,because he knew I was capable of taking care of it.  He’s given me a music ministry.  He sent me to Nigeria!  He sent me to Italy!  He’s placed me in healing ministry. He’s given me boldness to speak his truth into other people’s lives.

If this is what I’ve already accomplished. how how much more am I capable of, by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Those things which linger on the edge of desire, because my mind says they are far too big for me to realize are absolutely obtainable!  Not by my strength, but by the strength of he who lives in me and has great plans for me!



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Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Like the lady said at church the other week about how she saw herself and her roles and how everything clarified the more she, sank into Him.
:) <3 xxoo, ybf 4-ever!