Monday, July 20, 2015

Nigeria Journal Part 2

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
   Things, as seems appropriate, are falling into place at the last moment.  The plans for me to travel with Penny, for three extra days, seem to have been finalized to the sense of peace in all.
   We still don’t have the visas.  I think that means that Richard and Darlene will travel to NYC, to the consulate to get them.
   I still have to pick up my last prescription and buy 3 T shirts and then I can finish packing.  (Not that I’ve begun!)

My proof of inoculation.
Now, I just need to remember my malaria pills!

   I know the Lord will provide a ride for me to the church Friday morning.

Wednesday, October 30
   No visas.  Richard went to NYC and was told that religious groups are given extra scrutiny before being accepted.  I suspect it’s still about a bribe.  Apparently the pass ports are in the mail to Penny.

Ignatius knows someone in the embassy in Washington DC and will see what can be done from that end.
   I continue to believe that we are leaving on Friday. But if we don’t then it will be a part of God’s plans, not Satan’s. 

   Maureen has called to tell me about all the warnings for American’s to stay away from Nigeria because of a kidnapping on an oil freighter off the coast of Port Harcourt.  Two men were taken off the boat and held for hostage.  Ray got on the internet and discovered that most of Nigeria is considered too dangerous for Americans to travel in.  She is quite upset and doesn’t want me to go.  I have complete confidence that the Lord will keep me perfectly safe while I’m there.  Bob Bartlett has also received calls from friends begging him not to go.  These are obviously attacks of the enemy.  He loses.


During a fundraiser for our trip to Nigeria, Tom, my wonderful husband, put his beard up for auction.  He raised an extra $700 for being willing to have it shaved off.

 It was the first time Hannah had ever seen her daddy clean-shaven.

It was the first time in 31 years anyone had seen his adorable chin!

Thank you, sweet heart!

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Stephanie said...

Awww... how sweet of your husband! And my, what a difference! I remember when my dad shaved his beard it took me by surprise...he looked so different :)

Hugs to you!