Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nigeria Journal; 2013

Me in Oweri

This is the beginning of a new line of posts that I'm starting.  I went to Nigeria in 2013, on a mission trip that included helping to set up a 12 step program and going on a prayer journey.  Each week I'll be posting a portion of my journal.

I hope you find it interesting.  It was my first ever trip outside of North America and I was so incredibly blessed to be able to go and to be able to be a blessing to so many people.  But before I begin in earnest I want to give a little background info.

Pastor Ignatius Ummuna
Pastor Lozie Ummuna

Pastor Ignatius Ummuna and his beautiful wife Lozie are the pastors of Rescue Mission Church in Lagos, Nigeria.  They have been friends of Shore Vineyard Church, where I attend.  Actually, my pastor, Brett Conover and his father Rod, met Ignatius in Cote d'ivoire, (Ivory Coast) which is located just north of Nigeria.  He was running away from God, much like Jonah had tried to do.  He had heard the Lord calling him to ministry and decided that trying to get to America was a safer bet.  Oh well!

Pastor Brett Conover
Pastor Rod Conover

After much prayer and conversation Ignatius returned to his home where he began his studies for ministry.

He has since been to visit us at Shore Vineyard on several occasions and we love him and his wonderful wife, Lozie, dearly.  When they asked us to come to help set up a 12 step program based on the program we use at SV, we said yes.

There were 9 people that went; 4 especially to do workshops at the Rescue Mission Church and 5 us that helped but were primarily there to go on a Prayer Journey to the city of Lokoja.

Three weeks before we were set to go, Penny and I went to the Nigeria consulate to obtain our visas.


Unfortunately for us, we did not know that a bribe would be required and only brought enough money to pay for the visas themselves.  Penny, who had lived in Nigeria for a time 20 years ago, tried to convince the head of the consulate, Mr. Iggy, that we needed the visas right away, rather than taking the 6 weeks minimum he was telling us it would take.  He told her that all of the nine visas would have to mailed to Abuja, the capitol of Nigeria, to be approved and them mailed back to us, which we understood to be ridiculous.  So we left NYC without our visas.

My journal proper begins on October 29, 2013... which will begin next week.


Pam Richardson said...

Judy, I will be interested in following your journal! Blessings, Pam@everydayliving

Stephanie said...

My dear Judy, what a blessing to see you at Roses of Inspiration...you have been missed :)

It sounds like you had quite the experience, my friend, and I look forward to reading more about it. Hugs to you!