Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Word Bytes; Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm!

I LOVE words!  I think language is the best part of being a human.  There's nothing as good as taking a new word and rolling it around the inside of my mouth and feeling how it tastes.

Todays word;

Enbrangle (en-brang-gul)

From the French;  "branler", to shake.

But may also be a conglomeration of the two words; 
wrangle + brawl.

To embroil or entangle.
To shake, waver or confuse.

To cause to be in a state of complete confusion.

A riot might be seen as an enbranglement.

And, admit it ladies, how many times have we gone to a prize fight and had a hockey game break out?

Of course, when Godzilla meets King Kong, enbranglement is sure to ensue! 

I'm thinking avoiding enbranglement is a worthwhile employment.

How about you?


Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

This comment brought to you by Tutu Brake. When it's time to break free of your tutu, try Tutu Brake.
"I'm Josephina Ballerina and I approved of this message."

Stephanie said...

Fabulous word! I will have to try and use it today :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Blessings!