Friday, February 27, 2015

Jesus Loves Me: That's What Counts!

 I saw this on a Facebook post, “What other people think of you is none of your business.”

My first thought was that lots of people may think unkind things about me.  They may think I’m gullible, religious, untidy, a slob, fat, too critical, not critical enough, etc, etc.

And to dwell on the bad things others may think about me interferes with how I am to relate to them.  Dwelling on others unkindness to me blocks the way I am supposed to interact with them and also with the way I bring them before the throne of God.  So, it’s better not to know, or if knowing, to bring that before the throne, and to ask God how to love them better.

But then I thought, what about people who think really nice things about me?  Is that none of my business too?

It seems easier to love those who openly favor me, those who outwardly encourage me and present their love of me openly.  But will that make me bigger in my own eyes?

I once idolized a woman.  I put her up on that pedestal and wanted to be just like her, and thought I never could.  And, when in my eyes, she fell, the falling was great!  I turned my back on her.  In doing so, that dark and mirky upside down umbrella grew very large, preventing me from hearing God’s voice, feeling His presence.

Once I forgave her and repented before God I learned to love her more and more!  It’s easier to love flesh and blood than to love a marble icon, isn’t it, Jesus?

I think the goal of living everyday in a society, it doesn’t matter where, or who it’s made up of, is to keep my eyes focused on God and how much He loves me!  That’s the love that counts the most and will never lead to sin.

Because the Lord loves me singularly, delightfully, overwhelmingly, it never matters what others think of me.  I will love them, not because they love me or hate me, but because God loves me and demonstrates to me how to love them.


Lisa Comperry said...

I like this post..I needed to read something like this :-)
My sister and I are going thru an incredibly life changing and stressful situation..

We have not had to work together as a team to battle any stressful situation all of our adult lives..

We are both just a few years away from being 60, lol..

Anyway my sister mentioned that she finds me defensive when I talk about my feelings about this situation..

I consider myself quiet but outspoken in a kind way..

Thank you for writing something that made me think..

To remind myself to look at things which I have control over and act on them..

With kindness..

I have no control over what people think about me..

Mascha said...

True and wise words!
Greetings from Germany

Stephanie said...

Such true and important words to remember...even if they hurt :) You are right, it is easier to love the people that love us back, but Jesus Christ loves the entire human race even when some of them don't return that love. Jesus loves us, the sinner, but hates the sin...that is something I remind myself of often because it's easy to point the finger at someone yet I am no different. May my life be full of God's deep love and how I pray it overflows from my life onto the lives of others.

Thanks for sharing this at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!