Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Relationship with the Holy Spirit

My relationship with the Holy Spirit
Scripture says that after Jesus ascended into Heaven, his Holy Spirit became the indwelling of God in all people who believe in Jesus as redeemer and Lord.
I believe that every person who has made that leap of faith has the Holy Spirit living in them. And that is that aspect of God that we deal with on a practical level. We pray to the Father, through the mediation of his son and our daily walk is informed by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.
The fruits of the Spirit listed in the book of Galations reveals the ways our understanding of God and his purposes deepens as we learn to trust in God as a perfect provider. These fruits, when evidenced, are the visible signs of our maturity.
I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was 14 years old. I began to speak in tongues, and to prophesy in tongues. I prayed over people with infirmities and injuries and watched with joy and assurance as they were healed, sometimes right before my eyes, other times gradually. I found that I was able to sense the presense of the Holy Spirit in others and also to sense unclean spirits.
But! None of these supernatural events was anything I did on my own. Each instance, each occurance was the Holy Spirit working through me. I have learned that wonderful and fearful things alike can happen when we desire to see him working in and through us.
Lately I have begun to viualize just how it is with us and the Holy Spirit. Our pastor talks about calling down the power of the Holy Spirit. But if we are Christians, it seems to me that when we enter into worship and fellowship the Holy Spirit is already there. To call him down is unessesary. What I visualize is the Holy Spirit welling up in each of us and overflowing out of the tops of heads to flow among us and fill the room to overflowing with his presense and power.
The Holy Spirit is with me all the time. There is not a second when he is not in me and with me. Sometimes I like to think about how he looks out through my eyes and I see his holy power streaming out of my fingertips. It's a cool thing to picture.
Power! That's what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is all about! The gifts he gives enables us to live righteous lives. They are the tools we need to succeed in doing his will on a daily basis. If it were not for the sin that creeps in on a moment by moment basis then it would be possible to use those gifts on second by second basis.
Life is hard! But it would be so much harder without the knowledge of God's presense with me, in me every moment.
How Cool!!

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MrJ said...

Me too! I remember recently talking about the Holy Spirit and I remember thinking to myself....I have finally met someone that totally understands my relationship with the Spirit.

This was just confirmation. See...the internet pays dividends..even years later.