Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life on Earth is Seldom Easy

Someone that I know and love is going through a very difficult break up. Engaged to be married since Christmas, his fiancee announced last week that she does not love him and is moving out of his apartment.

I sorrow for him. And I grieve his loss.

She does not have a relationship with God, in any way. At this time in his life, neither does he. He sees the relationship that exists between my husband and myself and thinks that he can have that for himself. And someday he may, if he once more chooses to walk with Christ.

Unfortunately, he has walked his own path for many years now. I have always thought that he feared asking Christ to be his Lord becasue he wants to live his life his way and thinks that God won't let him. So he lives in the world and he looks to the world to provide him with a life mate.

I know that he was raised in the knowledge of the law of natural consequences. ie: if you behave in a certain way, you can expect a certain outcome. But love, as they say, is blind, and he did not see this consequence coming.

I cannot tell him this. He will not hear it. But I continue to pray that he may, someday soon, come to the realization that he cannot run his own life successfully and that he can trust the Lord to see him safely through all trials and tribulations.

Life in Christ is a joy. That's not to say that it's often easy. Life on earth is seldom easy. But the desire for God's will in my life takes a great portion of the sting out of lifes disappoitments and sorrows.

I hope he comes around soon.

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